How to deliver a great speech in Germany

Speakers of an Anglo-Saxon background who have to deliver a speech in Germany are often faced with the following challenges:

On one hand, they wish to be their natural authentic selves and speak in the natural manner to which they are accustomed.

On the other hand, they have to adjust their speech to the cultural expectations of their German audience. The German art of public speaking is very different from that of its Anglo-Saxon counterparts.

German audiences for example are not used to a display of the speaker’s personal emotions. Even personal anecdotes are rather rare. Germans prefer to hear facts, and they are used to getting those in speeches given by their business and political leaders. Too much emotion in a speech could compromise the speaker’s acceptance by the audience, and subsequently detract from the intended impact of the speech.

Therefore, foreign speakers in Germany should strive to strike a balance when giving facts and showing emotions. In many cases, it is helpful to hire a speechwriter from Germany to write the speech to make sure the message will be received as intended.

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