How to prepare a great speech in German

Is German your mother tongue or do you speak German on a native speaker level? Then go to the German website of speechwriter Matthias Müller-Krey, for expertise in writing or polishing your next speech for your upcoming event.

If you are a non-native German speaker who has to deliver a speech in German, there are three crucial points that you should consider when writing your German speech.

First: Your diction in your German speech must be precise and convincing.

Second: The language has to match the language register of the particular German audience and the specific event.

Third: The wording and style which best portray the speaker’s authenticity must be chosen, while at the same time reflecting the cultural expectations of the German audience.

The best way for a non-native German speaker to prepare such a speech in German, is to work with a professional speechwriter whose expertise is at home in both English and German.

Such a speechwriting professional ensures your wording and speech are correct, compelling and culturally aligned with your target audience. A speechwriter also makes sure you avoid linguistic misunderstandings and sand pits.

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